Living At Home During A Remodel

By: Rachael Boyer

Jan 1, 2018


Our latest completed project involved an entire home remodel for a family that lived in the space while we completed the work. With two children, this was no easy feat, and we recently had the chance to sit down with mom and dad to hear all about what it was like to live through a remodel.

The biggest takeaway from their experience was how shockingly easy the whole thing was. They shared how amazed they were that the timeline presented at the beginning of the project was truly the timeline that transpired…there were no major delays, no rooms torn apart and then left that way for days, just a surprisingly seamless process. The remodel was split between upstairs and downstairs, and the family was able to relocate to the floor that was not being worked on. We heard about their grilling meals while the kitchen was out of commission, and adjusting to single bathroom use for a few weeks. Ultimately, the story was a lighthearted one, not the typical horror story that can scare families away from remodeling altogether. If you haven’t already, take a look at our Facebook page to watch testimonial videos from this wonderful family and see the transformation for yourself!