Remodeling Does Not Need To Be Painful!

By: Rachael Boyer

May 1, 2017


Too often we hear about the “horror stories” of the remodeling process. People share all of the things that went wrong with their remodels – with stories about everything from subs not showing up, to projects being completed months past the deadline, to the wrong materials being installed. It is enough to scare people away from remodeling altogether! But there is one key to avoiding all of the nightmares, and turning that horror story into a success story…and it is choosing the right contractor.

When you set up your remodeling project with a contractor/company, you are putting your home in their hands. You are trusting that entity to guide you through the process and produce a result you can be proud of. Knowing what it is you are looking for in your remodel, and ensuring that you are confident in whoever it is you choose to work with, will produce not only an end result you love, but a process you can enjoy.

We believe in transparency, and are committed to including you every step of the way. By making you a part of the project, instead of feeling like a helpless bystander, you are able to maintain a sense of control that can easily be lost amidst the coming and going of multiple subs, and general upheaval of your home. The Home Authority has a single point of contact – ensuring that the person you speak with on day one is the same person answering any and all questions along the way. And we have a fundamental goal of making the process as enjoyable as the end result – ensuring you have fond memories to share about your remodel vs. falling into the “horror story” group!