Repurposing VS Replacing

By: Rachael Boyer

Nov 5, 2018


As we have said before, we love any remodel scenario that allows us to repurpose vs. replace. And one of our current projects is no exception! This family had kitchen cabinets that are in great shape, but are not the style they are going for with their renovation. On top of that, they are needing more storage space and would like to add additional cabinetry. But how to make the old and new seem like one cohesive unit? We had the new, custom cabinets installed and utilized a new trim piece across all of the cabinetry to tie it all together. Once painted, it is impossible to tell which cabinet boxes were there first, and which ones were added later. It is these little instances of paying attention to detail that pay off in the long run, as the cabinetry will look beautifully seamless and function for this family’s needs.