Structural Remodel Explained

By: Rachael Boyer

Sep 4, 2017


We love showing before and after photos – they really tell a story and provide the perfect visual to demonstrate a home’s transformation. What can be lost in the impact of the before and after, however, is the work and planning that went into creating such an impressive end result. This is especially true in the case of a structural remodel. It can be very easy to throw around phrases like “open concept” or “let’s just get rid of that wall”…but the design process behind making that a reality is extensive. The Home Authority is able to not only help with aesthetic decisions, but can actually recreate a floorplan when needed – allowing you and your family to have a space that is both beautiful and functional.

Structural remodeling is not something we outsource here at The Home Authority. We of course still work with our trusted team of professionals to get the project done, but there is still one point of contact for designing and bringing a structural remodel to life. No matter what question you may have, whether it impacts the structure of your home or involves coordinating the cabinet and wall colors, we are able to help. Making the process as simple and enjoyable as possible – even when walls are being torn down to recreate the flow of your home – is our priority.