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State/Province: Pennsylvania
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Message: We are Authorized Mandate to a performing Platform providing the following professional services: i) PROJECT FUNDING, START-UP, EXPANSION, AND ACQUISITIONS. ii) PERSONAL LOANS iii) CORPORATE LOANS iv) FACILITATION OF SBLC/BG ISSUANCE, LEASE, AND PURCHASE. v) INSURANCE WRAP/INDEMNITY BOND PROCUREMENT. vi) SUPPLY AND SALE OF OIL AND GAS PRODUCTS. Our services are transparent, timely, and with precision tailored to your financial projections and timetable. Our service fees are to be paid at closing and it is open for negotiations. The Platform will be ready and able to show POF (PROOF OF FUND) for Applications ranging from $5M and above. Contact the authorized undersigned for more details on the procedural steps. Respectfully, Michael Wood michaelwood1470@yahoo.com